Friday, January 22, 2010

What can HE do?

So for today’s blog I decided to enlist the help of my lovely business partner (and charming boyfriend) Dave West. While chatting about different blog ideas, we decided that he should write one about aspects of the wedding preparations a “dude” would actually enjoy partaking in…and here is what he came up with. Enjoy!

Guest Blogger:  Dave West

“I’m not picky about my wedding day. I mean who cares what colour the napkins are?”
Sound familiar ladies? If you answered “yes”, you probably did so while simultaneously shooting a glare at the back of your fiancé’s head that could cut glass. It’s no secret that the “typical” male opinion on the big day has always been perceived as “as long as there’s booze and it’s a good party, I don’t care about the rest”….BUT you’d be surprised at how particular Popeye becomes once he’s presented with options.
Alright, so your wedding day is fast approaching, you’ve booked the venue, picked out your centre-pieces, and decided on the arrangement for your bouquets. Now you still have to book your DJ, your transportation, choose the colours for your place settings, chair covers and organize your guest list by table. You raise your head above the surface of the not-so-imaginary ocean you feel like you’re drowning in just long enough to ask for help, and suddenly realize that you’re sitting at the table alone. “Where the heck IS he?” Chances are he’s either TRYING to be supportive while missing the edge of the table by mere inches every time he nods off, OR he’s in the other room enjoying his Sunday afternoon while you tirelessly compare colour samples. “What a luxury!” you think to yourself. Well you’re not alone. HOWEVER, you might just be a few strategies away from acquiring his assistance and not even know it. Believe it or not, sometimes the way things are PRESENTED to us can make all the difference in how enthusiastic we are about them.
Image from La Belle Bride

The important thing to remember is that there are certain aspects of life that can barely keep our attention long enough for us to ever fully decide if we like them or not, for example: candles, throw pillows, pretty toothbrush holders…and in my opinion most movies starring Hugh Grant. In wedding talk, these things usually translate into place settings, flower arrangements, chair covers and centerpieces. At the same time, there are things that grip us by our very CORE, such as good tunes, food and drinks, cars, and of course mixed martial arts. Once again, in wedding talk, these things can translate into the DJ/music, catering, a signature drink, transportation and entertainment.
Images from La Belle Bride

Images from The Knot

Try telling your fiancé that you’re hand picking the music and the entrees on your own so he need not worry and I guarantee his interest will be peaked. The trick is keeping in mind the things he enjoys and using them to persuade him to help out and NEVER underestimate the power of a simplified task list. Have him check out the DJ/music, the photographer’s website/portfolio, ask him to help you select the meal and dessert and design a signature drink and have him check out various options for transportation. These can be really difficult aspects to decide on, and while he may run for the hills when you ask him if he likes taupe or magenta napkins, your dude might develop more of an opinion if you tell him that once he gives you a little feedback, you can then move on to deciding what to eat!
Images from Style Me Pretty

In conclusion: Be kind ladies, and remember that we LOVE YOU. More and more with each and EVERY passing second, and every time the birds chirp, our hearts grow fonder. So don’t let our lack of enthusiasm discourage you. We just need a little kick in the butt every once and a while.
Image from La Belle Bride

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